Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis in London

Hypnotherapy, now more than ever, is being used to help with a multitude of conditions and illnesses. From weight loss and smoking cessation to alleviation of pain for terminal illnesses, more and more people are turning to hypnotherapy for an effective, non-chemical treatment.


Hypnotherapy starts with the unconscious mind and a significant part of hypnotherapy is establishing that relationship and line of communication with our unconscious minds. During our lifetimes our unconscious puts in place certain procedures that are carried out by our bodies in certain situations. These procedures are put in place to protect us from what it thinks would be best for us and, more than likely, these procedures have been created by the unconscious due to some sort of trauma dating back to our child hood. Hypnotherapy helps us to get in touch with our unconscious mind and begin to do away with some of these unnecessary barriers, allowing us to move forward in life. The therapy itself involves regressing back to an age where these traumas occurred and dealing with those traumas and their negative impact on you.


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