My introduction to NLP is what triggered my keen interest in behaviour and hypnosis. I was amazed at the things I could change in my own life simply by changing my outlook on things and this helped me achieve a higher sense of being content but still striving to be better. This then lead to my diploma in Hypnotherapy, which I studied at the European College of Hypnotherapy under the instruction of Dr. Keith Hearne. Dr Hearne was the first researcher to identify eye signalling from lucid dreams and has been teaching Hypnotherapy for decades now. He has been a great source of inspiration for me and we are currently working on multiple projects together. I also assist Dr Hearne from time to time in some of his training.

Dr Hearne’s recommendation:

‘In my supervision of Shehzad throughout his training, I observed him to be an outstandingly competent hypnotherapist. He has a natural ability and a very calm, gentle, pleasant and reassuring personality. With great professionalism he rapidly establishes the all-important rapport with clients, works intelligently in systematically uncovering the important issues, and then skilfully administers the appropriate therapeutic techniques. I can highly recommend him’.

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